Posted by: David | February 12, 2009

Adventures In Childbirth Class

Life is fairly normal these days for Guitta and me, as we wait for our little boy to arrive. Lately, my work at home and school has been accumulating, my sleep has been decreasing, and my stress has been growing. As I was teaching my sixth period Latin class the other day, I was suddenly hit by faintness, shortness of breath, and a feeling of heat in my head. I was very nearly forced to leave so that I could get things together, but I taught through it, and the feeling soon went away. It looks to me like my old friend Anxiety/Panic Attack was stopping by for a brief visit, as he sometimes does. I hope he doesn’t stay. I don’t think he will, but pray for me please.

Guitta and I have started childbirth classes, and yes, Greg Hawkins, it is really good to take them. I can’t imagine trying to go through the whole process of rushing and timing and pushing and breathing without some classroom preparation. So far, the class has been helpful, and a little frightening. Despite Guitta’s growing basketball, life has seemed to be as it always has been, but the class serves as a reminder that baby’s a-coming. We have watched two very graphic videos about childbirth. I couldn’t stop giggling during one very gross scene, and I had to fight against crying twice when the babies in the films were born. I have no doubt the tears will come when our baby arrives. Better pack some Kleenex.

During last Tuesday’s meeting, we couples were going to sit on the floor and practice breathing techniques. While I helped clear the area of chairs, I accidentally hit one of the other dads on the forehead with the chair leg, and a small stream of blood began to ooze from the nick. The instructor bandaged him up. I felt absolutely horrible and was embarrased for the rest of the class. Maybe Guitta can make a sign for me to wear that says, “Warning:  I have been known to accidentally beat people. Pray for my wife and baby.”

Well, it’s back to working and waiting for me. The adventure will begin soon enough.



  1. David, you and guitta will be great parents. Every new parent goes through similiar worries and fears. It reminds me of the “butterflies” I used to get before playing football or baseball. Once the game started, they were gone.

  2. Mr. Chair-wielder,
    I’m very curious as to which parts you were giggling through and whether you think you’ll be giggling when Guitta goes through it.
    praying for the three of you!


  3. Childbirth is way less complicated than all those stages and what not. You have contractions, pushing and birth. There ya go.

    Okay maybe not quite that simple.

  4. Meg, it was during the part when the baby and then the placenta came out. And yes, I will be giggling when it happens to Guitta. Kidding. I think it’s a safe bet I’ll be crying.

    Paula, what about the epidural? Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll tell Guitta that she has nothing to worry about. Just three simple steps. :>

  5. Okay. I love epidurals. There ‘ya go. I admire people who suck it up and go natural, but honestly, the important part is delivering a healthy baby, not the process. I will say that with Johnny my epidural was stronger, which made pushing more difficult. With Aubrey, it was just right and that birth was much easier–plus, I just knew more.

    Pain in childbirth is a result of the fall. I believe that epidurals and hospitals and medicines are a grace from God.

    I just realized you meant that I forgot to insert the epidural into the process. I thought you were asking me what I thought about them.

    So, yeah, three simple steps and pray for a good LD nurse! They can make it a great experience.

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