Posted by: David | January 14, 2009

11 Movies For 2009

Among the many things that a new year brings are new movies, and after looking through 2009’s release schedule, I have found eleven films that I am initially interested in. No doubt more will catch my interest as I see their trailors, but for now, here are the films that have gotten my attention.

February 6: Coraline

There is a part of me that is attracted to cartoons with a dark twist, like The Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas. The second of these films was directed by Henry Selick, the director of this movie based on the creepy children’s story by Neil Gaiman.

April 22: Earth

May 8:  Star Trek



Yes, I am a nerd, and yes, I know it.

May 22:  Terminator Salvation



Christian Bale seems to be in the business of reviving struggling series. I am sure he will do nicely as the new Connor kid, but can you really have a Terminator movie without Arnold?

Jult 17:  Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince



Even though I didn’t appreciate the rescheduling of this movie from last December to this summer, this is one movie that I am hoping to see this year. I didn’t like Warner Brothers’ production of The Order of the Phoenix. Here’s hoping they do better with this one.

August 7:  G. I. Joe: Rise of Cobra



This has real potential to be a flop, but G. I. Joe was a favorite childhood toy and cartoon series. I will wait to see what the reviewers say.

September 9: 9

This may be a little too gloomy for my tastes. We’ll see.

November 6: Wolfman

My only reason for wanting to see more about this movie is that it stars Benicio D’el Toro and co-stars Hugo Weaving.

November 13: Sherlock Holmes

The British director Guy Ritchie is the man. I loved Switch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

November 20: New Moon

The books may be a little lame, but Guitta and I enjoyed the first movie. Maybe we will get someone to babysit so that we can sneak away for a movie date.

December 25: The Princess and the Frog

In 2009 the first black President takes office, and the first black princess takes a Disney cartoon. And it’s in New Orleans!



  1. Are these really 11 movies that you want to see this coming year? Really?

  2. Yep.

  3. Well, let me clarify. They are movies that have interested me. I will probably not see all of them, based on how the reviews go, but they have at least peeked my curiosity.

  4. Coraline looks pretty good; it’s amazing how many big name actors they get for these animated flicks

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