Posted by: David | December 10, 2008

It’s a…

BOY! Guitta and I sat fascinated by the television screen above us, displaying the little ten-ounce Hogue boy squirming like crazy. We saw his spine, his head, his feet, his crossed legs, his heart, his booty, and then…his face! It was kind of spooky because we could see his face but also his skull. What an amazing little device the sonar is! What was previously hidden, the place where God knits us together, is now exposed for wonder and observation.

Since Guitta and I had been expecting a girl, we now have to get used to the idea of having a little boy. I thought I could handle a girl, but a boy is different. What am going to do with him? I don’t do the typical boy things like hunt, play sports, or watch football. It kinda makes me nervous, but I am open to trying new things. And I will teach him the things that I enjoy doing.

Our minds immediately went to work, planning out his life. We have already decided that he is going to marry Satomi, play soccer, learn Latin, read voraciously, play classical guitar, and write poetry.

Well, enough talking. Here are the pictures:

What a handsome profile!

What a handsome profile!

I think he looks like me.

I think he looks like me.

Thinking deep thoughts.

Thinking deep thoughts.

Definitely a boy.

Definitely a boy.



  1. David, you might as well go on and name your son Seymore McNerd. Here’s what I’ll do. Let me raise the boy as my own so he’ll be super cool, and I’ll let you and Guitta work in my household as the faithful maid and butler. That way, you can watch him grow without having too much of a negative impact on his social development. I only hope he never asks me why his legs are so thick and powerful while mine are not…this is the only flaw in my plan.

  2. If only I could set up this blog so that it was open to all except you, Nathan B., aka, my arch nemesis. Ha, I bet you would like to get your filthy hands on my son, but it will NEVER happen. I will raise him to wage everlasting war on you. The thighs shall triumph!

  3. Funnily enough, I felt very similarly about having a girl!

    Maybe we should have kid-swap days and I’ll watch football with him and you can decline nouns with Iris.

  4. Congrats, David and Guitta!

    Toler is looking forward to playing with his little cousin. kinda looks like Toler’s sonagram pics.

  5. Beautiful pics of my nephew to be! David, you’ll be a great dad. W/ all of his unc & cuzs (not to mention his maternal granddad), I don’t think you’ll have to worry about sports, hunting, etc.

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