Posted by: David | October 31, 2008

Pity me. I’m sick.

Ugh. I’m sick. My sinuses are passing through their various cycles of evolution, from dripping to congesting to draining again. In this current stage, the Mucusoic Era, I’m coughing and hacking all the time and my back and head are aching. I bet I’ve lost three pounds because I haven’t been taking in much except fluids and soup.

My two girls, Guitta and Cora, have been very sweet. Guitta is constantly getting me ice water and other things, and today she picked up some decaf green tea and eight cans of soup from Kroger. I’ve been keeping my distance from her and baby just in case I’m contageous. We’re so pathetic; we’re in the same house and we still miss each other. There is nothing like physical touch. I think Cora senses that I’m under the weather. Accordingly, she sits with or near me much of the time, and she didn’t beg for a walk yesterday. I hope she doesn’t ask for one today either.

Only once did I have the motivation to get off the couch and check out our first ever trick-or-treaters last night. (Kids in our town trick-or-treated on Thursday this year.) Guitta was very excited and enthusiastically greeted kids and teenagers, constumed and non-costumed alike. I also missed costume day at school today. Some of the students and teachers really go all out. A few years ago this guy showed up:

School has been good but busy this year. I love the cycles of teaching, the chances to start over every year and do better. There is a perfectionistic part in me that wants to get everything in order NOW, but teaching has taught me to work on improving a few things at a time. Guitta has been a good coach for me in this area, too, reminding me often that I don’t have to get all my grading (or whatever) done in a single night, that it’s okay to put off some things and take time to rest. I love her.

We have started using new and improved textbooks this year. The Oxford Latin books just weren’t cutting it. They explained grammar poorly, left out interesting things, and introduced grammatical concepts in a weird order. For example, this year’s Latin 1 students learned about the future tense within the first few weeks, before my Latin 2 students were introduced to it a week or two later. Although the new textbooks are better, it does mean more work for me, preparing brand new quizzes, tests, and exercises. Also, unlike last year, when I had first period off to plan, this year I have to wait till 4th period to do my work, which means that I have to have my first three classes ready to go by the time the bell rings. That translates into getting to school around 7:30, which in turn has been cutting into my devotional time. If you remember, pray that I will have the discipline to keep up my prayers and Bible study.

I realize that I have done a poor job of giving personal updates on this blog, and I hope I have not lost readers because of it. I think a blog is a great way to keep everyone up to date (much better than personal conversation–just kidding), and I hope to do a better job of it.



  1. hey david,
    sorry you are not feeling well. hope you will feel better soon. take some vitamin e it will help. yall come soon. love yall.
    mother- in law
    dad – in law

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