Posted by: David | October 2, 2008

Sarah Palin and the Abortion Issue

In an interview with John McCain, Barbara Walters seemed concerned about Governor Palin’s stance against all abortions, even in cases of incest or rape. (She does make an exception in cases in which the mother’s life is at risk.) Walters and many other people seem to think that this is an extreme position, but I think it is the only logical one to take. Let me explain.

The fundamental belief behind the pro-life movement is that human life begins at conception and is endowed by his or her Creator with the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The right to life trumps the mother’s right to comfort or a career. If this view is correct, then that little critter in the womb is a human being, and killing him or her is murder. Now, why would anyone who really believed this make an exception for rape or incest?  Does it make sense to kill a human being for something his father did?

When I see a politician who makes exceptions for rape or incest, I automatically conclude that the abortion issue isn’t really that big of a deal to him or her. It’s simply political.

Sarah Palin isn’t completely off the hook with me, though. Her stance on Roe v. Wade is that it should be an issue for the states to decide. No, it shouldn’t. Again, if we really believe that babies in the womb are human beings, then abortion is not an issue that should be up to the discretion of individual states. It is something that should be outlawed. Period.



  1. I hope Palin has a plan for welfare, orphanages, and adoption agencies if abortions become illegal…

  2. I don’t think politicians are going to bring abortion to an end, kc2. I think McCain and Palin would do little to change things, except the biggie–nominating supreme court justices.

  3. Also, your comment suggests that abortion “solves” a problem of overrun orphanages. There are so many parents who would love to adopt, but abortion has decimated our number of babies who would be available.

  4. Tuan and I want to adopt–particularly a minority baby if that’s what’s needed. I struggle with abortion “when the mother’s life is in danger.” I’ve never understood the circumstances of that. Plus, even after 23 weeks (with a lot of miracles), babies have survived outside the womb. So, I don’t understand why a section wouldn’t just be done . . . But, yes, I believe that the ultimate issue is life. I heard a pastor preach on it saying that God is the giver of life, that God doesn’t make mistakes and no matter the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, we have to trust that God has created this life! He then went on to make the “life of the mother” exception, citing “self defense” (ie, the baby’s presence is endangering the mother), but I felt that the same God who creates life in the cases of rape/incest is the same God who has created the life endangering the mother’s health and surely there are other alternatives? I felt he sort of crushed his own argument there.
    Also, we as Christians need to provide homes for children who are unwanted and we need to work to make the adoption process more affordable. I want to adopt in the future, but we can’t presently. I think about this a lot!

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