Posted by: David | August 20, 2008

A New Poll and The Abortion Issue

A new Reuters/Zogby poll has McCain leading Obama for the first time, by five points. I have heard a lot of people assuming that Obama will be our next President, but I am not so sure. I think his inexperience is his albatross.

Another article discusses Obama’s history with an abortion bill granting babies full rights as humans if they survive an abortion. Though rare, this has happened in at least one instance and apparently the baby was allowed to die without any care given. Obama says that he supports giving medical aid to abortion survivors, but his record reveals that he opposed such a bill more than once in Illinois. He explains that the bill did not include language insuring that abortions are not interfered with by the doctor standing by to offer possible medical aid. There was also an existing law requiring medical aid for this situation on the books. I am completely unconvinced by his explanation.

The abortion issue is the number one issue for me. It is reason number one that I will not vote for Obama.



  1. Dave,
    I am concerned that McCain has Lieberman on his short list for VP. This may appeal to the moderates but will weaken his support from the conservative base. I am glad that McCain has been strong in support of the unborn, and that support needs to be reflected in his pick for VP.

  2. I think he realizes this from the current reaction from pro-lifers. I would have to reconsider my vote if he made such a big blunder.

  3. unborn = not born

  4. Not sure what your comment means, anonymous. Would you clarify your point?

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