Posted by: David | August 14, 2008


This morning I looked at my sideview mirror before pulling my car into the street and realized that it had been smashed into the door. Upon closer inspection, I saw that the mirror itself had been cracked and was hanging from its electrical wires. I checked my windshield wiper, hoping that some honest person had left a note of apology, but I had no such luck. I drove away in disgust, thinking that someone had swiped me by accident and left me with the bill, but on an adjacent street a little further ahead, I noticed that a car had its window smashed. Now I think the culprit could have been a vandal.

Ugh. Both scenarios make me sick. If you accidentally swipe a car, how can you selfishly leave someone to foot a $100+ bill? Worse still, how can you think smashing a car mirror is a fun way to spend your time? What does that entail? Total disregard for personal property and other people, that’s what. These sins are a part of all of us, I know, but in most of us, they are checked by parents or someone else. What happened to these guys, I wonder?

What’s interesting is that the first scenario, the hit-and-run, could have been done by a completely ordinary, “good” person. Vandalism, on the other hand, is something you associate with delinquents. In the first scenario, you make a mistake that will cost you money, but you have the opportunity to just drive away and not pay. As for the second scenario, you have to be a pretty “bad” person to simply break things that belong to other people. Is there really any difference, though? In the end, someone smashed my mirror and I have to pay for it. The same disregard exists in “good” people like you and me and in “bad” people like those other guys.

Hey, maybe there are no good people. Maybe everybody needs a Savior.


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