Posted by: David | May 14, 2008


I have not written in a while because of this busy time of year, when I am preparing finals and grading all the leftover tests from this nine weeks. I’m still not going to write a post because I am in the midst of this process, but I did want to share some pictures.

I think this is the seventh time, maybe, that we have given Cora an official bath.

Lots of fun.

Daniel offered Jim 50 cents to swim across this lake. His offer was declined.

Two handsome brothers. The one on the left is almost as handsome as the one on the right.

Looking at the river.

Cora being a good little passenger.

Cora being a good little passenger




  1. Hey David,

    Just curious, are yall going to be able to come this weekend? Give me a call over the next couple of days. Hope you are doing ok.

  2. Great pics, David. I enjoyed seeing you & Guitta in J’town. Love to you both. James

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