Posted by: David | April 1, 2008

Cancel My Subscription

A few days ago, Guitta handed me this letter from Reader’s Digest and asked me if I wanted to renew our subscription. It read: 

The second issue of your Reader’s Digest subscription renewal has recently been sent to you. Our records show that your payment has not yet been received, but we feel certain that this is just an oversight on your part. Please settle your account today so that we can mark your account “Paid”.

When I read this, I told Guitta, “Babe, I think this is a bill, not a subscription renewel form.” This was not the case, however, as Guitta pointed out. Notice the subtle language of the letter. “The second issue of your Reader’s Digest renewal [not magazine] has recently been sent you.” In other words, this is the third time they have asked us to renew our subscription. Then there’s the business about their “records showing that…payment has not been received,” which, they charitably assume, must be an “oversight.” They would love to mark our account as “Paid” so that it will be “settled.”

Call me a naive idealist, but I find this deceptive technique outrageous. Reader’s Digest is trying to trick me into renewing my subscription. They are not asking me to consider renewing; they are pretending to be sending me a bill. Shouldn’t this be illegal? Where’s the honesty, people?

Dear Readers Digest, I am not renewing my subsciption.



  1. Hmmm… tricksy.

  2. I think Readers Digest and Weekly Readyer needs alot of help. Since I worked there before.
    But found a better job

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