Posted by: David | February 26, 2008

Not a bad resemblance

As promised, here are some pictures of the Latin t-shirt. I have also published a few other pictures on the “Pictures” page.


 Pater Noster means “Our Father”


  1. David, do you have more? If you do, please bring me one and I’ll gladly pay for such a goodlooking shirt! –Esther

  2. I wish I did, Es, but they have all been sold.

  3. David, you should get the girl/guy who made the shirts to get a dozen or so more for the fam. I’d glady pony up for one. We could wear them at the next fam get-together. Btw, she/he captured you in an extraordinary manner: laurels to she/he!

  4. Thanks, James. The real credit for the picture of me, though, goes to Nathan Benson, who drew it while we were rooming together. I hope he doesn’t expect royalties.

  5. I’ve been giggling ever since I saw it. That is priceless. Wow. Are you sure Dent wasn’t involved in this?

  6. i completely agree that you should call the t-shirt company and see if they have more. i’m sure my family would have a blast with them too.

  7. David, you and Guitta are invited to dine with us tommorrow night at our house. We are having an impromptu dinner party. Just let us know if you are interested!

  8. love it! hey do you have a student by the name of katie gill? she was on teen jeopardy last week and mentioned being a latin student.

  9. Glad you like it, Meg. As much as I would love the kind of student who could make it on Jeopardy, I have no Katie Gill in my classes.

  10. Sadly, we are out of town–I’ve heard its fabulous, though!

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