Posted by: David | January 29, 2008

To Sum Up…

Some things that have been going on with me lately, which I have randomly organized under headings that begin with the letter P:

Predicaments:  Our dryer is broken, alas, and it has been for over a month. I am completely out of clean socks, and the only pair of boxer-briefs remaining in my underwear drawer is the one I never wear because it’s too tight. I’m running out of t-shirts, too. Here’s hoping the landlord pulls through for me by the end of today.

Pet In Pain:  Due to a pulled or torn ligament in Cora’s right hind leg, her vet has put her on strict cage-rest for the next two weeks. Yeah right. Confining a young lab for that long is like trying to bottle up a tornado. Instead, Guitta and I have decided to put a stop to all of her walks and to keep her from doing a lot of walking around the house. Sometimes I even lug her sixty-four pounds up and down the stairs. This plan was working well until last Friday, when she suddenly slipped on her way down the stairs and fell the last three steps to the floor. After that, she started limping on her left hind leg, and we had to return her to the vet.

Pan-linguistic Promotion:  Last week at school was Foreign Languages Week. Each language has a day to promote itself through posters and activities. For Latin day, we had a toga-wearing demonstration in the junior high, put on by my AP students, and a chariot race in the senior high. That’s right, a chariot race. The “chariots” were actually wheelbarrows, which one student would pull and in which another student would ride. The whole thing had a lot of potential for disaster. I could just see someone falling out of his chariot and cracking his head open or someone getting run over by another student, Ben Hur style. None of that happened, though. It was a great success. Oh, I almost forgot. Each language club made a t-shirt, and Latin’s shirt has a big picture of yours truly on the back. Pictures to follow.

Playthings:  Several of my students have gotten into the Rubrics Cube. During class I hear them clicking and clacking away, trying to apply the hints that Rubrics Cube websites have made available. I read that it’s a very big deal now. There are clubs and competitions. There are even kids who can look at a cube for a few seconds and then solve it blindfolded.

Presidential Primaries:  I am watching the Presidential race with fascination, wondering who I will vote for, but then I remember that it doesn’t really matter. Our primary is on March 11, and by then the candidates will probably be chosen. It seems pretty unfair. Or does it? In one sense, I can see the merits of our present caucus/primary system, as candidates become more seasoned through the process, as more of their character comes out, and as they are forced to pay attention to varied groups like farmers, Hispanics, African Americans, and evangelicals. Additionally, it’s probably the current primary system that has brought about what looks like the demise of Giuliani, for which I am thankful. On the other hand, why should the other states choose their candidate before mine does? Why should Iowa vote before Montana or Idaho?

Prowling Pests:  Two bats flew into our house a week or so ago, chasing us first out of the living room and then out of our bedroom. We managed to trap them in the bedroom, turning out the lights and leaving a window open before we fled, but they refused to fly out. I guess they enjoyed the warmth of our apartment. So Guitta and I spent the night in our guest bedroom with Cora, who had no idea that her house had been invaded by flying rodents. The next morning, the bats were perched on the blinds, and after mustering my courage I managed to push one with a broom onto the bed, throw a towel over it (I shudder, recounting this), and throw it out the window. I didn’t realize that the second bat was still in the room until it was time for me to go. That one was left for Guitta to bravely battle, which she did splendidly. I love my wife.



  1. Your banner picture made me jump when the page loaded!

    This post makes me think of Dwight because of the bats (ugh–I shudder too!) and the alliteration (“bears, beets, Battlestar Gallactica.”)

  2. Your blog is so fun! I am totally not surprised that the latin T-shirt has your picture on it. Can’t wait to see what it looks like. I’m not sure what I’d do if a bat were in our house. There was a bird in the produce section of Kroger yesterday . . .

  3. Maybe you should use one of your friends washers. Hey, I just realized why you’ve been wearing those new jeans so much.

    As for bats, why don’t you grow a pair, David. No, really, grow a pair of bats so that you will be accustomed to them and not be afraid when the next pair comes. Anyway, I like your blog and hope you write on it more even though I see you a lot anyway.

  4. Also, I think it’s Rubik’s Cube.

  5. David,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your blog! It gave me alot of laughs!! Especially since after we got home from New Orleans Friday, James had to get a bat out of our tub drain!! He sprayed it alot and then pounded it and threw it outside.
    Please order us one of the T-shirts!! Much love, Mother

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