Posted by: David | December 30, 2007


Guitta and I recently returned from a trip to Breckenridge, Colorado. Here are a few things that I learned during the vacation: 

1.  You can buy a pair of ski goggles in Breckenridge for about twenty dollars. I learned this bit of information too late, alas. My old goggles and hat  somehow fell by the wayside during the trek back to the hotel after a long day of skiing. Disgusted, I went to one of the sports shops for a replacement but could find nothing under sixty dollars. The clerk told me that I wouldn’t be able to find a cheaper pair anywhere else in town, so I grudgingly forked out the dough. The next day, however, I saw some goggles for under twenty. I feel bitter.

2.  Colorado has banned smoking in all its restaurants and bars. Smokers are relegated to the freezing cold. I bet fewer people in Colorado smoke.

3.  Beards accumulate ice during a snow storm, and it’s useless to try to prevent it. I would try to rub it off as I cruised up the mountain on the ski lift, but the ice would quickly re-attach on the way back down the mountain.

4.  Britney Spears’s little sister got pregnant.

5.  There are special shoes for dogs to help them walk through the snow.

6.  There are urinals that talk. More than that, they try to convince you not to drink and drive. I went to the bathroom of a diner and was starled by the two urinals hastening to inform me that more and more Coloradans are getting designated drivers. I remember reading  on James’s blog about this innovative way to prevent drunk driving, and I was amused to witness it. It makes sense that they would be effective. Imagine someone who’s completely drunk stumbling into the Men’s and finding that the urinals are talking to him. “Man, I must be more drunk than I thought,” he thinks to himself. “I’d better get a designated driver!”

7.  I have grown more and more afraid of traveling by airplane. Guitta finds this little phobia of mine endearing. Every sudden movement of the plane, every new noise I interpret as our imminent doom. As I cringe and clasp my sweating hand to hers, Guitta reminds me that I’m more likely to die in a car than in a plane. I remind her that one is more likely to survive a car crash than a plane crash.

8.  Breckenridgers have their own unique identity. They are proud of their little town and are very much against franchises. A lot of them are young people, presumably drawn by the thrill that the mountains offer. The Christian couple who let us stay with them a couple of nights told us that these folks are desperate for friendship. They (not our Christian couple friends) do a lot of pot smoking and sleeping around to cope with their loneliness. Hopefully, our friends will have a lot of success in reaching out and building relationships.



  1. I refused to buy goggles and wore oversized Audrey Hepburn-type sunglasses. That probably doesn’t work for guys, though. Glad y’all had fun!

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