Posted by: David | December 6, 2007

The First Trailer

Huzzah! The first trailer for Prince Caspian is now available here. It looks like director Anderson has added a lot of excitement to the story, and I think that’s a good move for this book, which is my least favorite of the series.

 The river spirit looks cool.



  1. I didn’t see Bacchus. I wonder if he made the cut.

  2. I hope so. My favorite part of the book is the scene with him and all the dancing nymphs; I wonder, though, if an episode of sheer happiness like that one will make it into the movie. After all, the dancing scene with Aslan, Susan, and Lucy didn’t make the first movie.

  3. I haven’t watched the trailers yet, but Prince Caspian (and Nephew) was one of the first I owned and I read it over and over. I always felt it just wasn’t as good as the others (like dawn treader and silver chair), but over the years, I’ve really grown to love it. It’s just so neat and I love the part when professor Cornelius take him up in the tower and tells the history of Narnia. Isn’t it great that they are taking the time to really do the movies well?

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