Posted by: David | November 7, 2007

Magister barbam habet. (The teacher has a beard.)

My annual beard has now arrived, a little sooner than usual, perhaps, but I just couldn’t wait. I get antsy when it comes to facial hair. When I don’t have it, I really want it, and when I do have it, it isn’t long before I’m itching to be clean-shaven again. I’ve found that it’s usually during winter when beards start turning up on people’s faces, and it makes sense. It’s cold in winter (in theory, at least) and beards are furry and warm-looking. I am skeptical, though, of just how much heat beards really keep in. 

The students are big fans and have been since its first appearance. Almost as soon as the school year began, in fact, they were asking when I was going to grow my beard, and I told them it would be the week of Thanksgiving. The break would give me time to get past the scruffy stage. My Latin 3 students immediately started a countdown on the board, adding a few others of their own. Here’s a sample: 

45 Days Until Mr. Hogue Has Facial Hair.

145 Days Until Jo-Jo Is Un-grounded.

15 Days Until Halo 3 Comes Out. 

Before sixth period yesterday, a random student approached me at the water fountain and said, “You don’t know me, Mr. Hogue—I didn’t take any Latin—but I just gotta tell you that I’m lovin’ the beard.” I told Guitta about it as we walked Cora that afternoon and asked her why students were so fond of it. She replied very sensibly that the fans were no doubt primarily boys and that they wished they were allowed to grow facial hair. They probably see beards as a sign of masculinity. One of my brothers, incidentally, thinks beards are a sign of Islamic militancy, but Guitta says that she loves me in a beard. Prefers me in a beard, actually. So sorry, bro, but the beard stays. At least until I start getting antsy again.



  1. David,
    I like your new blog site! Is the picture at the top a view of the Mississippi River?
    Also, I like your beard also!! I am in good company! Love, Mother

  2. Thanks, Mom! The picture came with this particular design, so I’m not sure which river it is. It may be of the Mississippi. In any case, I think it’s fitting.

    Love, David

  3. I like having a beard too. I understand the argument of always wanting what you don’t have. Right now I am in no-shave November and it is driving me nuts, probably because it makes my beard longer than I would usually prefer it, but I’ll persevere! for now

    how’s life, David? I haven’t seen you since I was at your house in January or February. Do you still live in the same house? Maybe I could stop by some time or we could grab some coffee over one of our breaks!

  4. Absolutely, Rob! Come on by during Christmas break. We’ll compare facial hair.

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